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You can use rooms as virtual working environments in which the member of teams or project groups collaborate across time zones and between geographical locations.

Services and functions for collaboration are available in rooms.

In the portal, rooms are launched using a link that contains the Internet address (URL) for the room. The link for entering rooms can be provided in several ways, for example:

      Outside rooms

       In the room directory

       After creating the room

       In an invitation e-mail

      Within a room

       In the list of related rooms

       In different iViews that provide access to rooms


You can display the Internet address (URL) for a room on the maintenance screen for the room attributes in the General Information section.


Registering as a member

In order to be able to enter a room as a member, you must be registered as a member. Member registration takes place when the room is created or when the owner (the power user or another member with maintenance permissions) maintains the room.

Registering a member in the room comprises the following activities:

      Adding the portal user to the member list

      Assigning room roles (access permission for pages in the room) to the member


Entering rooms



Entering a room through the room directory

The central point of entry to rooms is the room directory.
On the three tab pages in the room directory, you can display rooms of all room types according to the following criteria:

      My Rooms
Contains all private and restricted rooms that you can enter as a registered member

      Restricted Rooms
Contains all restricted rooms irrespective of whether you are a member of them. As a member, you can enter these rooms. If you are not a member, you can only visit their public pages or request membership (registration).

      Public Rooms
Contains all public rooms independent of your membership; you can enter these rooms without restriction.

Entering a room by invitation

Since every room can be launched through its Internet address, every registered member can enter a room using the link containing its Internet address.

The link can be provided as an invitation to enter a room in the following ways:

      By the system, once you have created a room in which you are a member or which contains public pages

      From the room owner (for example, by e-mail, assuming the text has been set up in advance)

      In iViews

Entering a room as a related room

If room relationships are defined in a room (see Room Maintenance), you can use the links provided to enter related rooms from within a room.

You can only enter a related room if you are a member of the related room or if the related room contains public pages.



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