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Background documentation Default Portal Content for Standard Users  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

The portal provides out-of-the-box content for several default roles that define standard business users. Your complete portal content depends on all the roles assigned to you by the portal administrator, and includes a default role.

The standard user role consists of the portal Welcome Page (see below) and the Universal Worklist.

The control center user role is based on the concept of a control center (see below). It is a home page consisting of content that organizes a user’s working environment while providing an entry point to daily tasks.

The every user core role is similar to the standard user role, but is assigned only in conjunction with the control center user role.

The role you receive depends on your administrator’s configurations. In order to be assigned the control center user role, your portal must be installed with the Knowledge Management, Collaboration, and Business Explorer (Bex) components. For more information, see User Guide and Collaboration with Other Users.

Welcome Page

One of the standard items in the portals of users who have been assigned the standard user role is the Welcome page. It appears as a tab in top-level navigation and contains the following iViews:

      SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0

      Knowledge Management and Collaboration

      Business Packages for SAP Enterprise Portal

Each iView offers an introduction to the specific component and provides links that constitute a preview tour of that component’s end user documentation. Clicking a link displays a brief explanation of the topic on the right side of the iView.

Control Center User Content

This is standard content in the portals of users who have been assigned the control center user role. The navigation hierarchy provides access to the portal content and functionality which match the user’s work organization. The content comprises five level 2 categories, displayed under the level 1 Home tab of top-level navigation. It consists of KM, Collaboration, and UWL worksets, pages, and iViews.

For more information see Control Center User: Role Content.




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