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The list of output requests is a list of output requests that were selected using certain criteria.

Every time that the system prints a spool request, that is, that it sends an output request, a new entry for this output request is added to the list of output requests.

You can display this list in the following ways:

Using the Output Requests  tab page on the initial screen of the output controller (transaction SP01); see Selecting and Displaying Spool and Output Requests

From the List of Spool Requests:

                                                  i.       Select the spool requests whose output requests you want to display.

                                                ii.       Choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Output Requests.


The system displays information about the individual requests, such as creation time, output device, format, and processing status.

The following figure shows a list of the output requests:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

You can this list according to your needs. You can make the following settings, for example by choosing Settings Layout Current:

     Show and hide columns

     Create variants



You can further process the displayed output requests. To do this, select the output requests and choose the desired function in the application toolbar.

You can process the output requests using the functions in the blue box in the above figure. For more information about these functions, see List of Spool Requests.






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